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jokes - page 1

rude bus driver

expensive barbie doll

the magician and the parrot

reckless driving

long hair

the honeymoon's over

the small town witness

idiots at work

what time does the bar open

zoology test

smart pills

it looks plastic

puzzled blonde

tech support

little johnny can count

exact change

benefits package

the perfect employee

a definite definition

betting on the news

the whole truth

the cuckoo clock

the big shake-up

shocking letter

the signalman's test
top jokes

rude bus driver

the foul-mouthed parrot

drinking on the job

the blonde rider

the perfect employee

little boots

idiots at work

the cuckoo clock

top pictures

dog hair extensions

take me home

limo pickup

pet tricks

don't bother me

my drinking shirt

musical dog

flying mouse

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